Which Boxers Are The Top 5 Southpaws in History?

Although left-handed boxers are uncommon, some of the best competitors in the sport have been left-handed. A southpaw boxing stance has been used by some of the finest boxing stars and world champions. Even some supporters claim that the attitude gives you an advantage.


Boxers who are southpaws frequently keep their right hand and foot front. They tend to start their attacks with right-handed jabs but finish with left cross right hooks.


Do Southpaw Boxers Perform Better?

Yes. There is a lot of truth to the notion that southpaws are at an advantage! Along with a number of additional advantages of the stance, they are favoured by the angles and footwork.


Southpaw boxers are able to punch hard with both hands and even do better at long-distance punching.

The fact that southpaws are more accustomed to battling orthodox boxers than vice versa is a significant contributor to their success. They always benefit from this experience.

The top southpaws to ever enter a boxing ring are as follows:


1 Pernell Whittaker

One of the lightweight GOATs and an Olympic gold medalist kick off this list. The late Pernell Whittaker is not only one of the sport’s all-time fastest boxers, but also one of its most well-known southpaws.


Whittaker was renowned for his combinations and for evading danger with his stature and speed. He is regarded as the finest defensive boxer in history by many boxing analysts.


He still retains the record for the longest unified lightweight title reign despite being a world champion in four separate weight classes.

Whittaker was considered to be the best P4P boxer in the 90s and he retired with a gleaming record of 40-4-1.


2 Marvin Hagler

A list of the finest southpaw boxers would be incomplete without including the undisputed best boxer to adopt the stance. One of the finest middleweight boxers in history was Marvin Hagler.

He competed in the 1980s, a time of intense competition, and dominated his weight division as its champion.

The “Marvelous” one was well known for his ability to alternate between the southpaw and orthodox stances while fighting. He was a powerful brawler who could take just as much abuse as he could dish out.

Hagler, a knockout fighter, held the MW belt for six years and successfully defended it twelve times. In 2021, he passed away with a 62-3-2 career record.

Top Boxers
Top Boxers

3 Manny Pacquiao

This left-handed boxer doesn’t really need an introduction because he may have the best resume on this list and in all of boxing.


The “PacMan,” one of the sport’s greatest draws, has held the world title in a record eight different weight classes. Additionally, he has held the lineal title in five various weight divisions.

One of the fastest and most elusive boxers in history is Pacquiao. He is renowned for repeatedly delivering tremendous knockout power to his opponents.

He has held world titles in four distinct decades, making him the only boxer in the game to have conquered father time as an opponent.


4 Joe Calzaghe

Another boxing legend who elevated the southpaw stance is Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe previously held the title of super-MW world champion for a full ten years.

He became the first competitor in the category to hold the WBA, WBC, and WBO titles simultaneously.

In his fighting style, Calzaghe dazzled his opponents with strikes from every angle and distance. He was also renowned for his tenacity and never-say-die attitude.

He may be the only undefeated boxer on this list as a result of his mentality. During his heyday, he also succeeded as a top-ranked P4P boxer.


5 Tiger Flowers

Given that none of us were around when Tiger Flowers was at his peak, he is one of the most underappreciated southpaw boxers.

Early in the 20th century, fighter Flowers helped African-American boxers break through obstacles.

When it came to evading and punching, he was renowned for his quickness. Additionally, he used a more defensive combat approach, which was unusual at the time.

The fact that Flowers is the first black middleweight champion in history is his greatest achievement. His boxing record is 135-17-8, and he gained more than a hundred victories in just ten years.

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