How To Make Mature (And Menopausal) Skin Glow: Tips From A Makeup Artist

Makeup artist Kay Montano has a long list of famous clients, including Anne Hathaway, Zo Kravitz, Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, and Thandiwe Newton. As a Chanel makeup ambassador and over the years, Montano has picked up some tips on how to make skin of all ages seem lovely. She informs me over the phone that she works with mature women who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, which are what she believes to be the golden years for women. Making their skin glow is what I’m all about.


Whether you’re experiencing perimenopause or just need a strategy to make your tired skin glow with health, Montano – who is dazzling in her fifties herself – can help.


Be prepared to change your skincare and makeup routine

“Skin reflects the constant, ongoing changes in your life—from being a child to an adolescent to an adult, to (maybe) becoming pregnant, to menopause. When you’re young, you can get away with mattifying products that contain powder, but as you approach your thirties, you’ll start to notice that the product that worked for you in your twenties no longer does. You must alter your skincare and makeup routine as you age and experience various changes.



According to Montano, “You’re in perimenopause for a long period before the menopause.” “If you don’t want to use hormone replacement therapy, you will immediately become aware of the absence of oestrogen in your body. Things will dry up, even the skin. Skin health, elasticity, and happiness depend on the hormones oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.


Incorporate moisture loss

Skin moisture tips
Skin moisture tips
“You can notice that the skin has less moisture when you’re in the middle of your life. When you’re hungover in your twenties, you can’t see it on your skin, but later it quickly shows up the fine lines of the skin, so you need to be careful with your water intake. You can no longer get away with being dehydrated. My recommendation is to use skincare and makeup to temporarily increase the appearance of moisture in your skin; however, the only way to do so permanently is to increase it internally and maintain an excellent skincare routine. The fact that so many cosmetics today also moisturize is what makes them so appealing.


Put on less makeup

“You should wear less makeup as you age since there are more creases and grooves for the product to settle in, which makes your skin look older. Powder foundation is something I dread the most. You instantly appear five years older and everything else on your face is knocked out. It depletes your skin’s life force, emphasizes fine wrinkles, and leaves your skin looking entirely lifeless.


Massage away “I would go to Face Gym [a facial massage location] twice a week if I had the time and the money. Although it’s fantastic, you can also use some of their methods at home with a tool like the gua sha, which is great for the skin. A little massage can do wonders for lifting the face if you have drooping skin. I use Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Bar if I’m starting to look a little ropey and worn out. Since puffiness is usually the result of unhealthy skin, I frequently use it in addition to moisturizer to de-puff my face. If you ate too much salt the night before, you develop jowls because as you age, your body becomes less effective at draining the toxins out.


To eliminate puff

“In addition to massages, I splash my face with ice-cold water to reduce skin puffiness. I also frequently sip dandelion tea, which is a diuretic and will assist if you have a swollen face. Dandelion tea is also available as a tincture, which I take with me when I travel. Any type of water retention can benefit from it. You’ll be urinating it all out by noon if you drink a lot of that in the morning.


Get radiant Skin

Get radiant Skin
Get radiant Skin
“I adore vitamin C serums; they truly do brighten your face and, in my experience, mimic the appearance of youth. The Drunk Elephant vitamin C is fantastic since it is a little bit sticky yet leaves skin with a slight sheen, making it appear more youthful and glowing. There’s an old trick I learned from Barbara Daly, one of the first well-known makeup artists in the world, if your face feels excessively oily before applying makeup. Use a fine tissue to press on the skin, remove any excess moisturizer, and then look at the amount that is left to determine how much more moisturizer your skin actually needs. Next, apply makeup on your lovely skin.


Less is more

“I want to keep my cheeks as bare as possible since that gives the appearance of youth. Only apply makeup where it is absolutely necessary. Since most people have under-eye circles, I won’t massage concealer all the way under the eyes; instead, I’ll just paint it on. Because of how thin the skin is in this area, it is crepey, which means that if you apply a lot of product, you may suddenly notice wrinkles that you hadn’t noticed previously because the skin stretches throughout the day with eye movement. I advise using a concealer with a wand so that you can draw two small, precise semicircles: one underneath the inner corner of the forehead and down into the inner corner of the eye, and the other beneath the black circle.


T-zone Trick

“Optical illusion and generating depth are the focus of my work. It all depends on where you place your shadows and your highlights. It seems to work best if I use a loose powder to keep the T-zone matte and more luminous makeup on other parts of the face. They are less noticeable and chalky, therefore you should use an incredibly fine powder.

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